Here you will find some frequently asked questions and article links regarding patient advocacy and navigation. Kaleidocare® specializes in private patient & family healthcare advocacy & navigation services.

Q: What type of services DON'T patient advocates provide? 

A:  Patient Advocates do not decide or determine the type of medical care clients need and do not perform medical functions.

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Q: Are KaleidoCare’s services only provided remotely, not in person? 
A: KaleidoCare's home base is in the Madison, Wisconsin area. If we have a professional advocate in your area we can provide in-person assistance. Otherwise, our remote services can be provided to anyone around the country.     

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Q: What type of services can KaleidoCare professional patient advocates provide? 
A:  An advocate may provide a range of services based on their scope of work.  These services might range from organizing your health goals, medical billing assistance, coordinating care and services, diagnosis and physician research, resource location, mediation, facilitation, employment disability issues, palliative care and hospice research, insurance assistance, tracking outcomes and appointment accompaniment.    

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Q: What professional organizations do you belong to?

A: The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates, The Better Business Bureau, The Professional Patient Advocate Institute, and the National Association of Healthcare

Q: Why would I need a private advocate for myself or my family? 

A: Just as you may hire contractors, accountants or financial advisors you may want to engage a private, independent, specialized advocate to act on your behalf during stressful and confusing times. The health care "system" is not positioned to provide individualized, personal assistance at all times.    

Q: What is an independent patient advocate/navigator?  

A:  Private, professional health and patient advocates are defined as those who advocate or work directly for patients, their families and caregivers. They do not work through an intermediary such as a hospital, insurer, or other person or organization that may have conflicting interests.